About Us
TEKASYA Company is known one of the most recognized company in Middleast,Europe and Turkey. TEKASYA was founded in Antakya city in 1983 by present owners, Hikmet ERYILMAZ. TEKASYA is a grower, packer, exporter, importer and transporter ofPremium Quality fresh fruits and vegetables in Turkey. TEKASYA packing and exporting almost all kind of freshfruits and vegetables which are growing in Turkey . It means that Tekasya have ability to work 12 months continuously.
Today TEKASYA is the Turkey's third largest Fresh fruits and vegetables exporter. Last year The Company packed and exported more than 40.000 tons citrus Fruits and more than 11.000 tons vegetables and more than 13.000 tons grapes and Stone fruits. TEKASYA export its Products to the major retailers and its own markets in more than 20 countries.
Our mission is strive to achieve prompt and optimum returns for the export of premium quality fruit for the benefit of both our producers and markets. Strong co-operation between producer of Tekasya and the client results in the best returns for products exported.
TEKASYA's vision is to export and to import best quality products with FOOD SAFETY STANDARDS. And One of the main principle of TEKASYA is to mind the environment and human health with maximum care from the planting the goods untill its realizing.
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